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Join BCCC at our 11th annual "The Cat's Meow Chocolate Tasting & Silent Auction". PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE today, or from the following locations:

  • Shank's Mare, N. Billerica
  • Middlesex County Animal Hospital, N. Billerica
  • The Cat Dr., Bedford, MA
  • Tewksbury Animal Hospital.

Spring / Summer Newsletter

Our latest release of The Advocat highlights success stories, providing for your pet's future and much more! Click here to read The Advocat.

Meet Our Cat's And Kittens

If you are interested in providing a forever home for a cat or kitten please visit our adoption listings page.

Volunteers Wanted

We are in need of several professionals to help us help the cats and kittens of Billerica. Requirements include experience, references and a love of cats. We have a range of positions open for volunteers. Contact us for more details or visit our volunteer page for a current list of open positions.

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BCCC is a TRUE no-kill cat rescue and adoption organization who assists feral (wild) and abandoned cats and their kittens. We promote low-cost spay/neuter of companion animals and educate the public on local animal issues.The BCCC is a 501(c)(3) organization, meaning your donation is tax-deductible!

Low Cost Spay And Neuter Program

The Billeric Cat Care Coalition provides several low cost spay and neuter programs. Learn how you can help and educate yourself on the importance of spaying and neutering your pet. Click here to learn more.

Billerica Cat Care Coalition (BCCC) is dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of feral and abandoned cats, as well as owned cats and kittens. We work to provide a humane method to end the cycle of feral cat over-reproduction, via our Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program. An engine for social change, BCCC is the first organization based in Billerica, Massachusetts to introduce and advocate for humane methods of feral and owned cat care in the animal protection community. By establishing and promoting standards of care, our organization has brought humane treatment of feral and abandoned cats into the spotlight, now embraced by caring citizens and animal protection organizations in and around our area.

Since 2004, we’ve provided a Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) program for feral cats, as well as foster and adoption program for abandoned cats and kittens. BCCC also provides education and outreach to organizations and pet owners. We network with regional and national no-kill organizations, including Alley Cat Allies.

Supporters look to BCCC for leadership in the movement to protect cats’ lives. We promote no-kill policies for cats and work toward educating value to the lives of all animals. Our experience in grassroots organizing, hands-on activism and education has empowered local government, veterinarians, non-profit groups and caregivers with tools and knowledge to practice, teach and advocate for humane care for cats. BCCC’s volunteer staff provides a voice for cats and Americans that value cats’ lives.

Save The Date

Join BCCC at our 11th annual "The Cat's Meow Chocolate Tasting & Silent Auction".

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